we told Mike we’d buy a prop paper if he’d sell it to us. He agreed and I told him I had to Vine it. He was so down. This happened.





I think it’s very important that we all remember just how hilariously disco the Original French Concept orchestration is. I just imagine Enjolras singing this and groovily swaying his head and sexily smirking at the camera. And disco lights, obviously.

I love the concept album so much you always know Enjolras is somewhere nearby when the disco starts. Every. Single. Time.

Reblogging on Request: DISCO ENJOLRAS.

My fave thing about disco Enjolras: guessing they did it that way because, like, so I’ve gathered from meta that the Brick posits him as the priest of the glorious revolutionary tomorrow? And at the time the concept album came about, disco was probably the most futuristic music the composers could imagine. Like his sheer force of personality forces the score into anachronism.

Which kind of suggests that if the concept album had been written today, his every appearance would be intro’d with dubstep:



The best part is you can do it in any era. In the later 1980’s, it’s like WHY IS THE SCORE SUDDENLY ALL NEW WAVE DANCE POP, OH WAIT PROBABLY ENJOLRAS IS ABOUT TO SING ABOUT THE FUTURE.

In the 1910’s, Enjolras walks on and SURPRISE RAGTIME PIANO SOLO.